Santa Ynez Valley Alliance
Bids 'Farewell'

(May 2017)

Dear Members, Friends, and Community members:

In April of 2005, a group of Santa Ynez Valley forward-thinking residents gathered together and decided to form the Santa Ynez Valley Alliance with the following mission
in mind:

To work collaboratively with individuals, groups and governments to protect the rural character of the Santa Ynez Valley and support good stewardship of natural and agricultural resources through education, comprehensive planning and public participation.

And for the last twelve years, we have done just that. More than 50 projects later we look back on notable success stories such as providing historic landmark status to Mattei’s Tavern, providing input to the Santa Ynez Valley Community Plan that resulted in a document more protective of natural resources and agriculture, defeating a very large events center in a rural area of the county and a significantly overblown expansion of the Santa Ynez Airport. We successfully opposed the county split, contributed to efforts to oppose the Camp 4 property from being taken into fee-to-trust status, and wrote and published The Valley Blueprint: A Progress Report in 2014, a 130 page in-depth study of how the Valley has performed measured against the original document of 2000. The list goes on and on. (See attached.)

While issues in the Santa Ynez Valley continue to crop up, the time has come for the Valley Alliance to step down from its 12-year role in the Valley and cease operations.

What made the Santa Ynez Valley Alliance so effective was its deep understanding of how County government works, the language it employs, and getting involved in the legislative process, plus the courage to stand up to vested interests in support of doing the right thing to preserve and protect the Valley. Sometimes at odds with our neighbors, other times we found ourselves on the same sides of an issue. The reality of politics and life in the Valley is complex. But it was worth fighting to preserve the beauty and unique nature of this home.

However, I am pleased to report that Santa Barbara County Action Network (SBCAN) has agreed to take over one of our important projects involving the protection of agricultural land in the Valley: the Rancho La Laguna agricultural subdivision. In 2010, the Valley Alliance first began working to oppose this ill-conceived project, which the Planning Commission denied on April 26th. Should the Commission's denial be appealed to the Board of Supervisors, SBCAN has pledged to take the necessary steps to prevent the splitting of zoning-protected agricultural land for development, now and into the future.

I encourage you to support this organization as one that has the desire to further the same goals in the Santa Ynez Valley on which the Alliance worked so hard and long.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank our many members and especially those that chose to financially support our work for their strong and unwavering support. Without your help we simply could not have had so many significant success stories
over the years.

And finally, thank you for the opportunity you have given us to make the Santa Ynez Valley a better place to live and work.

Yours truly,
Mark Oliver

Issues with which the Santa Ynez Valley Alliance was involved
2005 to 2017

Wrote and published The Valley Blueprint:  A Progress Report
Rancho La Laguna Agricultural Subdivision
County Wine Ordinance
Camp 4 Fee to Trust Annexation
Chumash Resort 12 story Expansion
6.9 acres Fee to Trust Annexation
Chamberlin Ranch BMX Violation of Williamson Act
APAC (Zipline proposal)
VAFB Opportunity Assessment for Oil Development
Santa Maria Energy/Greenhouse Gas Emission Thresholds
Golden Inn Senior Project
Countywide Healthy Air and Water Initiative--Measure P
Highway 154/246 Roundabout Support
Mattei's Tavern Road Abandonments
Mattei's Tavern project and nomination for Landmark Status
Temporary Event Ordinance Amendment
Backyard Burning
Community Plan Implementation
Los Olivos Sewer Study
Youngman Olive Oil Processing Ordinance
Vincent Winery Proposal
Sarloos Tier III winery proposal
SYV Airport Expansion
Solvang River Wells Proposal
Granite Mine Expansion
SYV Community Plan Implementation/Parking
Chumash Gas Station Project
Tasting Room Proliferation in Los Olivos
Fracking in Los Alamos
Etam-Estelle Vineyards proposal
SBCAG Sustainable Communities Project
Crossroads Event Center Proposal
County Split
SYV Community Plan Adoption
Chumash Liquor License Expansion
Cold Spring Bridge
Uniform Rules Revisions/Permit Streamlining
Supplemental Agricultural Uses Amendments
LUDC  Local Coastal Plan Amendments
Stage Stop Plaza Proposal
Neverland Park Proposal
Roblar Winery Proposal
Corner Farm Development Proposal
Oak Tree Ordinance
Rancho San Marcos Golf Course expansion
Uniform Rules
Montanaro Lot Split
Los Alamos Commons
Old Mill Subdivision

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