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Santa Ynez Valley Alliance Announces Release of Valley Blueprint Progress Report

The Santa Ynez Valley Alliance has announced the release of The Valley Blueprint: A Progress Report. The report is a review of the original Valley Blueprint published a little over ten years ago.

“Beginning in 1998, 40 residents of the Santa Ynez Valley spent more than 5,000 hours, meeting for almost two years in an attempt to answer the following question: “What will the Santa Ynez Valley be like in 2020?” stated Mark Oliver, President of the Valley Alliance. “Ten years later, the Santa Ynez Valley Alliance deemed it timely to evaluate the goals put forth in the Blueprint.”

The original Valley Blueprint was borne out of a desire to protect the unique qualities and characteristics of the Santa Ynez Valley region while maintaining a sound base for economic prosperity and the sustainability of the Valley’s quality of life. The document filled an important need at a critical time: to complete a community visioning process prior to the creation of the first Santa Ynez Valley Community Plan (SYVCP). Using the Valley Blueprint as a starting place, the SYVCP was adopted in October 2009.

“The Valley Blueprint: A Progress Report provides a thorough examination of the accomplishments that have been made since the original Blueprint was published,” stated County Supervisor Doreen Farr. “Additionally, the Progress Report brings to the public’s attention those issues which have surfaced during the last ten years, making it very timely.”

The Progress Report specifically assesses numerous goals that have been achieved, and many others that have yet to be addressed. But the Progress Report is also an effort to revitalize the community in assessing the Valley’s future, given the many challenges that have emerged since the original Blueprint was completed.

“It is so encouraging to have this Report that reminds us of all the positive progress that has been made in the Valley during the past decade,” stated John Evarts, one of the original 40 Valley Blueprint Volunteers. “However, perhaps more importantly, the Emerging Issues Section of the document points out the areas that need our attention during the next decade.”

“It is our hope that this interim assessment will serve the community in continuing to ensure that the goals and vision stated in the VB can be reached where needed and feasible,” concluded Mark Oliver.

Download the complete report here.