The mission of the Valley Alliance is to work collaboratively with individuals, groups and governments to protect the rural character of the Santa Ynez Valley and support good stewardship of natural and agricultural resources through education, comprehensive planning and public participation.

The Valley Alliance seeks to fulfill that Mission by:

Working with residents, community groups, county and city governments, tribal government, state agencies and special districts.

Supporting The Valley Blueprint as a collaborative vision of the Valley’s future and protecting the quality of life of all Valley residents.

Promoting a healthy respect for the natural environment and our dependence on it. Encouraging responsible agricultural practices and supporting the purpose and intent of the Williamson Act.

Ensuring that any future growth is supported by comprehensive planning and the appropriate infrastructure, and discouraging urban or suburban sprawl.

Supporting the unique character of the Valley’s different communities while advocating cooperative solutions to Valleywide problems and regional planning.

Increasing local participation in the decisions that impact our region through forums, workshops, letters to the editor, and political action.

Board of Directors / Officers

Doug Bradley – Secretary
John Buttney
Joe Dugan
Gail Marshall
Mark Oliver – President
Jody White (Emeritus)